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Links for Afghan Medical Students - by Dr. Saif Nasafi

Same Rafi - Afghan writer, poet, composer and singer.

Afghan Students - Europe based Afghan student association.

The Afghan NGOs' Coordination Bureau -  "ANCB,Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau, established on the 27th of November 1991, is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization operating to coordinate the activities of Afghan NGOs working towards emergency state, rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan. " - German based Afghan sites with many Afghan artists (German)
5/4/3 - German based site on Ahmad Shah Masoud
4/22/03 - Afghan/Canadian new star
4/15/03 - A world bank sponsored web site depicting the goals of the current Afghan Government

The Afghanistan Digital Library - seeks to recover and begin to preserve Afghanistan's literary heritage,  recreating much of the bibliography of Afghanistan digitally and making these books available to anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet.

Afghanistan Libre  - Afghanistan based organization, dedicated to the revitalization and rehabilitation of the educational system in Afghanistan

Larry Porter - One of the best Robab (rabab, robab, rubab) player of his time, Larry Porter  studied with Ustad Mohammad Omar in Kabul. The site features many selections to listen to for free using RealPlayer.

New generation of Afghanistan - Germany based Afghan site with general information on Afghanistan.