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New Sites Archives: 2000 and 2001

Radio Payam-e-Afghan ( - Orange county (California, USA) based 24 hour Afghan radio site with music and commentaries by Khetab radio.

Farhad Darya's Fan Website In Dari! - Vancouver (Canada) based web site with information on the popular Afghan artist Farhad Darya. It is written mostly in Dari.

Pashtu Music - UK based site with links to Pashtu music

Afghan Friends - German based site dedicated to Afghan finding old and new friends

Afghanistan Photos - Gallery of pictures by Russian Photgrapher Alexander Merkushev and his 3 trips to Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002.

UC Los Angeles Student Association - "Our goals are to send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and promote higher education amongst Afghans in local high schools through mentoring services. Furthermore, we want to educate our campus and community about Afghanistan and its peoples in hopes of eliminating misconceptions." - Stockholm (Sweden) based Afghan Pen Club

DJ Hamid - New York based Afghan DJ
12/4/2 - Islamic education in Farsi

Afghanistan National Taekwon-Do Association ITF - Kabul based organization dedicated to the sports of Tae Kwon Do in Afghanistan.

Afghan Jirga - Bay area based organization dedicated to peace in Afghanistan
12/1/2 - Afghan Social and cultural association in Trondheim, Norway

Islamic-relief - Afghanistan photo gallery

Afghan Hot Spot - California based site which  "is an online community where Afghans can come and make connections with other Afghans from all over the globe."

AfghanSite.TK - Cananda based Afghan site offering various services such as: Over 1500 MP3, Over 1500 Real Audio songs, Music Videos, Voice Chat, Java Chat, Video Chat, News, Winamp Skins, Radio stations and more

Centenial Afghan Student Association (Canada) - Sacarborough based Afghan student association dedicated to Afghan people and cutlure

Rebuilding Afghanistan - A section of The Times of Central Asia (based in Kyrgyztan) presenting articles on Afghan politics and news.

Afghan Youth Association of Canada - Summer of 2002 Event

Help Afghan School Children - "Help Afghan School Children Org (HASCO) is a not-for-profit, non-political organization dedicated in helping Afghan new returnees send their children to school. Our goal is to help Afghan children catch up on so many years of lost schooling. We have no affiliation to any political or ethnic groups inside or outside of Afghanistan. We believe that children are the future of every society and we want to prevent the loss of another generation of Afghan children. We believe that if we want to prevent another humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan and if we want a peaceful, prosperous and friendly Afghanistan, we must help the young generation of Afghans catch up on the long years of missed education."


Taliban Online - "This contains basic information about Afghanistan and it's ongoing situation.It also includes the stand of the islamic movement of Taliban under the leader ship of H.E Ameerul mumineen Mullah Muhammad Omer Mujahid(May Allah keep him protected from the evil forces). Surfing this site will be a good experience for you.Please go online and check out what's new and read the Taliban news in Persian,Arabic and English languages........"

Humanity International for Peace and Prosperity (HIPPUSA) - Humanity International for Peace & Prosperity, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (C)(3) charitable organization chartered in the State of Nebraska. It's mission it to promote peace and prosperity worldwide.
11/2/2 - Buy Domain Names for $7.85 per year, and Host your site for less than $4 per month. Buy top of the line computers dirt cheap.  Afghan owned and operated business.
10/12/2 - UK based site for English-Pashto-Dari dictionary

Hazara Institute of Computer Science (HICS) In 1999, the foundation of a professional computer organization was laid in Quetta, Pakistan. HICS is a non-profit organization and is driven by the desires of Hazara individuals that believe in helping each other and sharing their knowledge with anyone having a desire to learn new skills in the computer field.
10/12/2 - Quetta (Pakistan) based Afghan association dedicated to Afghanistan reconstruction and education

Danish-Pashto/Danish-Dari/Danish-English Dictionary - "This site is about the first Danish-Pashto-Dari dictionary. This dictionary can be found only in CD. Dictionary is written, design and programmed by Besmellah"
10/12/2 - Herndon based Afghan site with web hosting services

Afghan Medical Staff Association -
AMSA is a none political Organization in Goettingen Germany. Its Aim is to help in rehabilitation and Reconstruction in the Health sectors of our war weary country Afghanistan.
10/12/2 - Facts and figures about Afghan government
10/7/2 - Federation of Afghan American Associations - Advocating for a democratic Afghan government in America

Rebuilding Afghanistan -
Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) based site with updated information on Afghanistan

Freidon Rasul - Germany based Afghan singer
10/4/2 - General site
with ntertainment, news, photo rating, up-to-date news from Afghanistan, fun/humor, Afghan songs, top 10, jokes, world news

Ministry of Communications - "Telecommunication services are a national asset in the sense that it delivers all types of information, goods and services to the public including essential government, social, educational and medical services. Whilst the relationship may be a complex one, telecommunications promotes economic development and significantly for Afghanistan, it also promotes national, political, economic and cultural cohesion across our provinces and our people.We have a valuable resource that needs to be carefully nurtured for the benefit of all the people of Afghanistan." Mohammad Masoom Stanakzai, Minister of Communications

Arian Band - Germany based Afghan band

Iris Imaging - Images of Afghanistan during Soviet occupation

Humanity International for Peace and Prosperity( - Nebraska and Afghanistan based organization with the mission to
" .. change the world to create a better place for all of its inhabitants, particularly human beings.
To improve communication, understanding, cooperation and friendliness and eliminate hatred, terrorism, wars, smuggling and other human created problems.  To overcome the vast gap between the standards of living of the poor and the wealthy individuals and countries.  To create and improve trust, care, and tolerance towards each other in spite of differences in our appearance and views."
9/1/2 - A Hazaragi entertainment portal site with songs, photos, etc.

Manji (message) - General portal site with news articles, information, poetry and more.
8/24/2 - general information center

Raz Productions - Southern California based Afghan-owned movie production.  Producer of In the Wrong Hands.

Gulistan Films - Melbourn (Australia) based production. Established in 1979 in Afghanistan, the firm has several featured films including Jenayat Karran, Khanai 555, Gumrah
8/21/2 - General world site with Afghanistan section

Recent Videos from Afghanistan (

Hizb-e-Wahdat Islami Afghanistan - Offical web site
8/10/2 -
The Afghanistan-American Summit
on Recovery and Reconstruction


Afghanistan Assistance Coordination Authority - The Afghan Assistance Coordination Authority (AACA) is a public body of the Afghan government established by decree dated 1 April 2002.
It is responsible for the overall management of assistance to Afghanistan. The objective of the AACA is to attract international assistance and guide its effective usage.


"Afghan Tears"
7/16/2 - Afghan news in Russian language
(to translate in English go to
7/14/2 - "We are a representative section of Afghans the world over, united by common bonds of history, culture, and common interests. Our primary goal is the promotion of Afghan National cause, in the modern day world."

AHERO - "AHERO is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-ethnic charity organization. The organization since its inception has worked in the fields of health, education, and socio-economic rehabilitation. This organization has helped Afghans lead a reasonable life. AHERO has conducted free medical camps in various refugee villages and has operated Basic Health Units in various far flung areas of Afghanistan. The organization has donated food, blankets, clothing and books, has conducted professional training for various work skills. The social rehabilitation process includes, anti-narcotic workshops."

Azimi Network - General information including news, chat, pictures, music, etc.
7/6/2 - An
independent Centre for Arts & Culture in Kabul, Afghanistan
7/6/2 - Current news and up-to-date general information on Afghanistan

Asian Development Bank: Afghanistan section
7/1/2 - Collection of Afghan song lyrics from a variety of Afghan artists.

Ahmad Tamim - Islamabad (Pakistan) based Afghan artist  - music samples, photos, news

Who knows Najib? - family site dedicated to finding a missing family member

Radio Free Afghanistan - Europe based Afghan radio station in Pashto and Dari
6/17/2 - Sacramento (CA) based company offering eastern musical instruments including Harmoniam(Armonia) and Percussion (Tabla_) and Strings (Sitar)

Khpala - The site is dedicated to the development and promotion of Pashtu language. The site contains a free Pashtu software with Pashtu fonts for windows 2000 and windows xp.
5/26/2 - History of Afghanistan in Pashto and more

West of Kabul, East of New York: An Afghan American Reflects on Islam and the West  By Tamim Ansary
5/23/2 - general information and news
5/23/2 -
"The Pashtun Heritage Foundation -  Sworn to preserve and protect the culture and ways of the Pashtun (ethnic Afghan) people."

Stories of Afghan American Women ( - by Meg Dixin
5/19/2 - General informational site with content including Afghan profiles, pictures, chat, etc.
5/10/2 - Organization representing the Afghan community in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

Help Afghan - A division of feminist majority organization

Afghan Recovery Report - One of handful of sites providing news and information in Dari, Pashtu and English
4/30/2 - German based Afghan portal with news and information on Afghanistan

The Hazara Unity Online - "the Hazara unity is full of Hazaragie music, videos, interviews, picture and more..."

Afghan Human Rights - Japan based Afghan human rights advocacy site.

Gran Hewad Afghanistan - Variety of topics, including poetry, photos of provinces of Afghanistan, post cards,

Afghan Online - Reconnect your past and build friendship to the future.The easy way to find Oldfriends,Classmates and reunion updates Through the Afghan Find Page Portal under the Afghan Online's Web Site

Afghan Domain - This website has been created to help all Afghans to get their domain Names of their choice.

Peace Through Education - "The mission of Peace Through Education project is to promote respect for human rights, as well as ethnic, class and gender equity by enhancing educational programs inside Afghanistan. PTE provides incentives and opportunities for educational participation in rural areas, enhances the roll of schools as village centers for a cultural and educational renaissance in post-Taliban Afghanistan."

Afghan Yellow Pages - Afghan Yellow Pages is a business / web portal, search engine and directory of afghan people and businesses, inside and outside Afghanistan. - This US based organization " is a 501(c)(3) corporation committed to helping better the living conditions and life expectancy of ... individuals by providing the basic necessities for survival; including food, housing & infrastructure, clothing, medical services, education, and job skills training. Our resources are currently focused on the people of Afghanistan, where individuals have been displaced from their homes for over 20 years." - Send animated Pashto & Dari greeting cards to your loved ones and friends.

Aidworker's diary (Sweden) - This is a site written by an aid worker currently working in northern Afghanistan. Has photos and diary notes. Features e-mail subscription service

MicroTech Group - Toronto based Afghan operated computer/web solutions with "complete line of computer systems, parts, accessories. Plus Office networking solutions, web design, and technical support."

Afghan Embassy in the United States - Washington DC

Ahmad Shah Masoud - Italian web site dedicated to the Afghan figure Ahmad Shah Masoud

Afghan Translation Service - Afghan Translation Service, based in Toronto Canada, provides superior translation and interpretation services to Afghans and non Afghans. We specialize in Farsi or Dari (Persian) and Pashtu translations into English and French, and vice versa.

Liberal Democratic Party of Afghanistan, FDPA

Global Security & Disaster Response Summit: (C-SPAN2)Afghanistan Reconstruction - streaming video of the event

World Bank: The Afghanistan Directory of Expertise - "The Afghanistan Directory of Expertise facilitates identification of individuals with expertise relevant to reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. Given the increasing need for experts on Afghanistan and reconstruction expertise, more broadly, this directory lists voluntary information of individuals who are interested in contributing their skills and talents towards rebuilding Afghanistan."
3/28/02 - "The purpose of this site is to discuss previous laws, to present proposals dealt through dialog , and to introduce new proposals that may be seen to be required as a consequence of dialog for any future entity in Afghanistan."

Afghanistan in the New Millinium"This is is a website designed to inform Afghans about affairs in Afghanistan. Afghanistan In The New Millennium has three core pillars. Public Relation, Project Development and Think Tank. Afghans and Non Afghans are welcome to participate and may even become a member."

Afghan Resource Center - Peshawar based agency providing information on Afghanistan 
3/19/02 - " ..its sole objectives are to introduce Afghan society, history, culture, family or ethnic structure, historical place, Afghan leaders and their services in different stages of Afghan history."

Earthquake rocks Afghanistan - Coincidentally as the US resumed its heavy bombing of Afghanistan an earthquake rocked the entire region. If just 2 aero planes used as makeshift bombs rocked New York City to its very foundation imagine what over 20,000 highly charged bombs might do to the continent of Asia.
3/19/02 - Farsi and English Afghan site dedicated to  news, culture and history of Afghanistan.

Women for Afghan Women - "Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a women's collective of Afghan and non-Afghan women from the New York area who are committed to the human rights of Afghan women."
3/2/2 - ".. an Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization. The main objective of is to contribute to reconstruction of Afghanistan through educating its populations"
3/2/2 - VisaPro hosts a large volume of compelling content on immigration and related matters including Green Card, Visas(student, family) , and citizenship.

The American Coalition for Afghanistan - We believe that, given adequate funding and common-sense policies, Afghanistan can rebuild itself not merely into an average Third World nation, but into a stable democracy with a successful economy that makes it a model for the region.

Hamsokhan - Hungaray (Budapest) based Afghan magazine
2/17/02 - Frankfurt (Germany) based site with complete listing of over 92 Afghan singers and their albums

Afghan Portal - "The first Afghan website to officially go wireless. The site is designed and fully accessible through any WAP enabled cellular/mobile phone across the world. Written in WML, the site is available as a text only portal on your handheld device."
2/17/02 - Boston (USA) based Afghan site with variety of services

Rameen Sharif - Official site of this Toronto based artist with online music
2/17/02 - "Afghan Mediators aims to connect nonprofits with volunteers and donators while allowing them to benefit from our free communication tools. In the same way, volunteers and donators can search for their favorite nonprofits in our database and be notified of fundraising events and community announcements."

Afghan Dance - Goettingen (German) based site with "dance programm including Logari, Herati, Uzbeki, Turkmeni, Balutschi and Tadjiki dance styles and accompanying information."

Afghanistan - Peshawar based site with information and entertainment

Shoaib (Peshawar, Pakistan)

Tameem - Official web site of this San Francisco Bay Area Afghan artist

Afghan WinAMP - The first provider of Afghan WinAMP skins for MP3 players.
2/13/02 - The premier Afghan business site with listing of Afghan businesses including import/export, merchandize, services as well as listing of Afghan restaurants worldwide.

Afghan Children (BBC)

Qader Ishpari - California based Afghan artist

Afghan-Canadian Professionals of Ontario, Canada ( - ".. a not for profit, non-political, and official organization in the Province of Ontario, Canada, with the aim of promoting higher education to Afghan Community."

Afghanistan Reconstruction Company (ARC) - " .. bringing international resources together with Afghan business and nonbusiness leaders to help rebuild Afghanistan's economy. ARC has attracted a core of experienced businessmen committed to reconstructing Afghanistan's physical infrastructure and reviving Afghan business and commercial institutions."

Afghan American Youth Council - Los Angeles based organization dedicated to uniting Afghan youth

Gran Hewad - Collection of Pashto songs in MP3 format

Gallery of Afghan artist Yar Mohammad Taraky

JM Popal's Community Page - Collection of Afghan photos

Afghanistan-America Foundation - The Afghanistan-America Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with the mission of  facilitating the reconstruction of Afghanistan in a cost-effective and timely manner, utilizing Afghan expatriates in collaboration with the people of Afghanistan

Young Afghan World Alliance ( - New York City based organization dedicated to a just and world-class education system for girls and boys in Afghanistan

Post-war Reconstruction and Development in Afghanistan - "This Development Focus is about the process of rebuilding Afghanistan after more than 20 years of wars and chaos which will be starting with the formation of a new broad-based Government in Kabul expected in early 2002. This Focus will concentrate on issues of post-conflict reconstruction and socio-economic development covering other issues only as needed for background information."

White House: Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan

Face-to-Face - Canada based Afghan Children's Relief Fund initiated by Rick Collins and Andrew Franklin.

The Organization of Afghan Professionals - "The organization of Afghanprofessionals is a non-profit and non-political organization whose attempt is to assist the UNDP, ADB, Afghan Government, Afghan agencies, contractors and institutions by implementation of rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan with technical assistance and to provide support and encouragement to Afghanprofessionals living abroad in order to enable them to accept job assignments in Afghanistan."
1/7/02 - General portal site

Return of Qualified Afghans Programme - "International Organization for Migration has launched a pilot stage of the Return Of Qualified Afghans Programme (IOM-RQA) with a view to boost rehabilitation efforts in the post-conflict Afghanistan through the progressive transfer of know-how of Afghan expatriate professionals to the socio-economic sector and administrative functions in their home country."

Afghan Refugee Relief Partnership - Arizona based organization in partnership with other organization helping the Afghan refugees

AID Afghanistan - "AIDA's primary objective is to provide financial assistance, technical support and consultancy for the post-conflict reconstruction and long-term social and economic development of Afghanistan."

Shuhada Organization - A Paksitan (Quettat) based organization, "Shuhada  is a non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan with special emphasis on the empowerment of women and children."

Terre des Hommes Afghanistan - The work of this Swiss children’s aid organization within Afghanistan. The humanitarian situation, donations, projects, reports and news.

Afghan News in Russian - Russian based site with news about Afghanistan in Russian

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan - A member-based non-governmental organization working with assistance programs within health, education and rural development sectors in rural parts of Afghanistan.

Afghan Humanitarian Rehabilitation Development Organization - ".. a [Toronto based]  leading non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization providing useful resources to the people living in the remote areas of war torn Afghanistan"

HAWCA -  Based in Pakistan, "HAWCA is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit making organization of the Afghan women and men which is working inside and outside the country aiming to enhance the well-being of Afghan women and children and, hence, empower and encourage women’s participation in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan and as well as provide the possible opportunity in educational and health for the Afghan children who are the victims of war, immigration and uncertain situation inside and outside the country in the refugee camps."

AfghanWomensMission - "The Afghan Women's Mission works closely with RAWA to support long-term health, educational, and awareness raising initiatives for Afghan women and girls."

Islamic Relief: Afghanistan - Appeals, press releases, videos, and donations.

CARE: Special Report: Afghanistan - The site offers information on the situation in the country and on Care projects, news and stories.

International Medical Corps: Afghanistan - The IMC is working in Afghanistan since 1984.

DACAAR - "The Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees, DACAAR, is a humanitarian non-governmental organisation which supports sustainable economic and social recovery in selected project areas in Afghanistan as well as the lasting return of refugees and internally displaced people."

US-ARC - "US-ARC is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of professionals dedicated to the reconstruction and development of a civil society in Afghanistan"

ICRC Afghanistan - "The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance."

Dr. Jamil Momand - A. Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Los Angeles with extensive publications in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology.

UC Berkeley - The Afghan Student Association of - "The Afghan Student Association of UC Berkeley was founded in the Fall of 2000 by Cal students dedicated to educating the public about the history and culture of Afghanistan"  

Hazaraha Online News Network - Holland based site with Commentary, News, chat, and more

Kha`l Zadar - Poetic collection of Dr. Besmillah Amir

Afghan Padshahan - Historical figures of Afgahnistan

Antiterror - Moscow based site with information on Afghanistan in Russian.
1/6/02 - Germany based site with general information on Afghanistan including music, news, chat, games, and more

Voice of Afghanistan - Toronto based site with pictorials of Afghan war

Afghana! Children Support

America's Fund for Afghan Children - US government sponsored program "dedicated to the children of Afghanistan and to the American children who are helping them."

Afghanistan Internet Mapping - The first open-access, web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) and satellite image visualization service for Afghanistan and surrounding environs by Telemorphic, Inc.

National Geographic - Afghanistan: Land in Crisis

Afghanistan2day - German based site with pictures depicting the atrocities committed by Afghan militias

Humanitarian Information Centre for Afghanistan - UN sponsored
 "Project Management Information System Project (ProMIS),  initiated in 1997 to enhanced the capacity of UN agencies, NGO's and the donor community to undertake analysis and planning for operational and emergency activities."

National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (

PARSA in Kabul (Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Support for Afghanistan) - Arizona based small NGO headed by Mary MacMakin involved in "working directly with needy people of Kabul, Afghanistan, particularly widows, who are on the streets begging, and those who have "fallen through the cracks" of the survey nets of the big NGOs."

Doctors of the World: Project - Afghanistan Refugee Relief
1/3/02 - Minneapolis(MN) based organization dedicated to helping and brining awareness to the orphan children of Afghanistan.