Afghana! - Help


Medical Refresher Courses for Afghans - For 20 years MRCA has been providing health services to the Afghan population and training to Afghan health professionals

The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project, Inc. - Providing dental treatment services in Afghanistan

World Health Organization - Special reports, mental and communicable diseases and assessment of current crisis in Afghanistan

Kabul Urology program: Dr. Hassan Manawi

Afghan Medical Staff Association - AMSA is a none political Organization in Goettingen Germany. Its Aim is to help in rehabilitation and Reconstruction in the Health sectors of our war weary country Afghanistan.

Chak e Wardak Hospital Project - A German supported project headed by Ms. Karla Schefter has been serving the Wardak province and the surrounding areas since 1989.

Afghan Medical Tribune - California based medical association, is concerned and involved with health issues of that nation

Afghan Medical Student Club - information on medicine and medical education in Afghanistan

Medicinal Herbs ( - general background information

Afghan Mental Health - A magazine publication of Kabul University/Psychotrauma Centre.

Afghani Paana (Information for health of Pashto)